Brian McDermott Not Completely Happy With His Team’s Performance

The 44 years old Brian McDermott who is the coach of the Leeds Rhinos, has said that he was not completely happy with the performance his team had put up in the match against Huddersfield Giants which took place on Friday, 27th February at Headingly Carnegie stadium which is in Leeds.

The 29 years old Rugby player Paul Aiton’s try helped his team secure the spectacular victory. The final score stood at Leeds Rhinos, 28 and Huddersfield Giants, 24.

The coach of the winning team was not happy even after his team won because of two reasons; one is the refereeing of the match and the other is the way his team performed in the match. 25 minutes after the match started, the score of Leeds Giants was 18 while their opponent team failed to score even one point till then.

But they managed to score 22 points later while the score of Leeds Rhinos stood at 24. The touchdown that Paul Aiton scored for his team made the total score of the Rhinos, 28 while their rival team’s score remained 22. Including this loss, the Huddersfield Giants have lost three matches consecutively.

The coach of the winning team Brian McDermott said that Huddersfield was about to lose their third match in a row and naturally there was a high level of determination among the team’s players to secure the victory. He said that the second half of the match was pretty bad to watch from a coach’s viewpoint. He said that in the ruck, the Huddersfield giants did things which are not allowed in the game. He regards that the level of rugby that was played in the second half of a match was very much below the standard. McDermott appreciated the way Huddersfield Giants fought their way up from 18-0 situation. He said that though he’s happy that his team has won, he does not think that the performance of his team was spectacular at all in the match.