The Leeds Rugby club has paired up with the RFL Benevolent Fund and is working in collaboration with the Oulton Raiders to raise funds for fellow mate James Brook who is currently in America being treated for facial cancer.

James plays for the under 16 team of the Oulton Raiders and was detected with cancer in December 2011. The young players of both the team will be wearing specially designed t-shirts during the game with slogans like “Get well soon Brooky!” and will be moving around to collect any donations from the people which might be of support to James and his family.

This is quite a noble initiative taken up by these young kids who have gone out of their way to help. They have even gone bald in support of James to make him feel at home. James Brook has moved to Jacksonville in the US for a special treatment therapy.

Some of the rugby stars of the Under 16 team of Leeds Rugby Club have taken time off from their practice and training session to go over to James’ school and collect funds and donation which will be of financial help. This included selling of cakes, a non uniform day and many others.

They have been actively participating in any event that might help James Brook to get back to normal health as soon as possible and are opening all avenues where there is a possibility of getting some sort of financial aid in terms of funds and donations.

The unanimous vote of Leeds Rugby Club and Oulton Raiders on shaving their heads goes on to show that each of the members are eagerly interested in helping James Brooks and this eventually also shows their passion and sportsman spirit.