Leicester Tigers Worried Over Player Injuries

A tough time for Leicester fans- the team is surely passing through a testing phase of late worsened by player injuries. While Parling has become a concern given his repeated concussions, Youngs (Tom) is down with critical shoulder injury.

The Tigers have pledged to guard Parling’s long-term concussion issues and have also sought for specialist advice. The 30-year-old star player suffered another major damage to his head at the recent match with Bath a few days back and had to helped off in the 2nd half. His club is seriously worried about him & deeply concerned regarding his future prospects in rugby- however, Geoff’s personal wellbeing is surely their priority.

Parling has been down with head trauma a number of times in 2013 & this recent incident comes just within weeks post a same sort of injury in one of the pre-season matches against Edinburgh. Concussion has been quite a major issue in rugby as in several other sports & the Tigers aren’t about to take chances- in spite of the chance of losing out on a seasoned Lion who began 2 of English Test matches in June in the Kiwi soil for an indefinite period.
“He got the concussion in the Edinburgh match, had 3 weeks off, performed in Cardiff match, was well, then performed in Exeter match & got this bad bang on his head once again against Bath- thus it’s 2 concussions in 3 games”, stated Richard Cockerill, the rugby director of Leicester Tigers.
“We are waiting here for specialist advice but he cannot be fit so early and needs some solid down-time as he had concussions on a row very quickly & certainly that’s not at all healthy”, he continued. “Playing is tertiary; we are mostly concerned with his overall health.”