Rhinos Win In The Qualifiers

The Qualifier matches that were held recently see Leeds Rhinos having scored 37 to 12 against the Leigh Centurions. Sam Hopkins was successful in scoring against the Leeds on behalf of Leigh among the first two tries that were put up.

The Qualifiers has seen Leeds Rhinos emerging on top and they have denied the Leigh Centurions from getting a perfect record. Being part of the promotion of Super League this was an important match for the two teams.

The Leeds Rhinos have played well and this year’s campaign has been won well by them. They have emerged treble winners last season and this time too they have obtained four scores before the season break.

Brett Ferres and James Segeyaro have been able to score ties in this game while Jimmy went twice over in four minutes. There were three more that came in the second half and Leigh was able to secure consolations with the performances of players like Matty Dawson and Sam Hopkins. The status of the 2017 Super League for both teams was known before the kick off came from.

The top spot remains for grabs at the Qualifiers. Leigh has been winners in the Championship and they will return at the top tier after 2005. There will be a 20 match run where Leigh will compete. However Leeds was able to end their hopes as they started off with a lead of 18-0.

The stranglehold by the Rhinos continued in the second half and Joel Moon helped to finish off with a counter attack. Ashton Golding as well as Segeyaro was able to finish the job well. The coach of Leeds Rhinos stated that this year at rugby league had been one of the toughest but he was glad that the team has performed well this year.